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Balance & Align
Equestrian Relationships Coaching

Are you ready to create your dream relationship with your horse?

I help equestrians and their horses overcome blocks and create the balanced relationship they dream of, using my holistic and unique approach


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It means so much to me to witness this awesome experience with you Cat 

By connecting on a heart level with this beautiful creature  who teaches me so much about stillness and subtlety, connection and trust that words can’t capture is magical 

Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for showing me how to nourish this by trusting the process and letting the outcome take care of itself


Who I am & what I do 

My name is Cat and I am a Equestrian Relationships coach!


I have experienced first hand what it feels like to be lost and disheartened with your horse. Not knowing what the next pathway is, and not feeling that dream bond you deeply seek.

I looked for answers everywhere, and I finally realised they came from looking deeper within relationships. Every path I walked down spiralled back to our connection with others and ourselves.

Now, I weave together relationship coaching, psychology, body work, trauma release, and attunement based horsemanship to help other equestrians find what they are looking for.

And it is my mission to help support & empower equestrians and their horses to move through barriers, release what's holding them back, and build a partnership where they feel truly seen, heard & understood.


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