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Top Questions

What areas do I work in?

I cover the Cheshire, Shropshire, Mid and North Wales area.

I do not charge for travel within 30 miles. 

If over 30 miles away, I charge 50p per mile (after 30 mile mark)

How should you prepare for my horses treatment?

It is important for your horse to feel comfortable and calm, so finding an area or time at your yard that is quiet would be ideal! 
Your horse also needs to be relatively clean, to make the treatment most effective.

What should you expect from my horses first session?

When I arrive at your yard, I will ask a few questions about your horse. This will give me the best idea of how I can help. Then I will watch your horse in movement and at a standstill to make an initial assessment, before moving on to treatment. Finally, we will talk through a post treatment plan tailored to your horse.

Are there any cases in which your horse shouldn't be massaged?

Equine massage is extremely beneficial in many ways, however there are special circumstances in which your horse should not be massaged.

These include, skin infections, cancer, fever and shock. If you aren't sure if your horse falls under these categories, give me a call! I am more than happy to talk through options as well as consult with your veterinarian. 

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