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Transform your relationship from the inside out

Transform Your Relationship


It is easy to feel lost as an equestrian, for you are pressured to look to the outside for answers. With so many methods, training, tack and advice givers - you lose touch with your own intuition and what your horse is telling you.

So it is now my passion and mission to help fellow equestrians and their horses discover their true power, in the relationship with themselves and each other. Creating true connection, trust and understanding individually & together.

I have a uniquely holistic and integrative approach, working with you, your horse and your relationship. I weave together years of experience with psychology, personal development, natural horsemanship, and elements of equine massage, creating a truly transformative and healing experience. 


I have specially designed a range of 1:1 sessions & programmes to help support each equestrian unique relationship.


Every programme offers complete guidance, to ensure every horse and human feels seen, heard and understood. And helps to identify, understand and move through blocks that are holding you back from the relationship you deserve.

So, if you are ready to invest in your relationship, and create the bond that you dream of..

what are you waiting for?

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Download my Offerings Booklet 

Here is a pdf of everything I have to offer, including Mastery, sessions, programmes & workbooks

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Relationship Rebalance Programme

This is an exclusive opportunity to transform your relationship with your horse and yourself from the inside out, and go on a very special journey with Cat for 2-3 months.


This programme explores every component of your equestrian relationship, helping you shift blocks in...

- Your mindset, confidence & self

- Your horsemanship, communication & connection with your horse

Giving you the support and guidance you need to create the relationship you both deserve.


Relationship Reboot

For the human


This is the perfect opportunity to get clear on what is holding you back with your horse, and work through areas in your component of the relationship.

It is an hour 1:1 with me, where we have the space to explore what you want to create, what blocks you want to overcome and help release what's in the way of feeling the most yourself and in tune with your horse.

*Available as an in person session or phone call

If you want to know more about Equestrian Relationships Coaching, and are curious to find out how I can help you & your horse, book a free exploratory call with me! 



A powerful restorative session for your horse

Bringing together attunement, trauma release and equine massage, this session is a chance for your horse to let go of what they have been carrying, and feel more balanced, connected and present.

With huge physical and emotional benefits, this session is a truly deep & healing experience.


Relationship Refresh

This is an hour and a half 1:1 with me, where I help you and your horse find the next steps in your relationship.

Helping you create understanding and connection, and the tools you need to build a balanced partnership.

Incorporating attunement, horsemanship, psychology to help you come away with new things to try, and a new perspective with your horse

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Is Equestrian Relationship Coaching

right for me?

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