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What the programme includes

Support from Cat

 1:1 and group sessions


Have weekly sessions with a small group of likeminded people on the same journey

Feel empowered

Develop your own practice with your horse, and feel more resourceful.


 Rebalance your Relationship

The groundbreaking 12 week programme to unlock a whole new level of connection & harmony between you & your horse.

Are you...


- Curious about how you can grow your relationship by helping your horse feel more seen, heard & understood?

- Ready to bring more awareness to what you want to release?

- Interested in learning more about you & your horse's nervous system?

- Ready to develop your own attunement practice to help your horse release tension & trauma?

- Ready to unlock a whole new layer to the relationship with your horse?

- Seeking a group of likeminded individuals to go on the journey with?

Rebalance your Relationship is a transformational 6 week semi-group programme that helps you unlock the magic of an attuned relationsh attunement, so that you & your horse can become more consciously connected on a deep, healing level.

Horse in Stable
Woman Riding a Horse

Download Programme Details here...

Click on the PDF button and it will start downloading!

Inside holds all the details for this new and exciting Programme to help you unlock that deeper healing connection with your horse

Cat and Alfie Showcase 2022-2-2.jpg
As a person who has horses in for training that have had some issues, it has been so helpful to have Cat to help when I hit a blank with a particular horse. No matter what we did the get  the horse to relax with training she couldn’t. She had all the vet checks, X-rays and scans to check everything was ok. She had so much tension in her withers. She was an ex racer.
Cat came in to do an attunment session and my goodness I couldn’t believe the change. She yawned so many times, Cat picked up on the withers and helped this mare to release the tension and trauma she was holding. I wouldn’t have a believed it if I hadn’t seen for myself! Not only did the mare relax and become more in tune with me, she also stopped all the reacting around the wither.
Cat also helped show us how to help the mare ourselves  during our training sessions and the changes really helped me with the training. I think Cat's attunment sessions really help with the relationship between horses and humans. It allows the horses to feel heard when they are holding onto old traumas. Give Cat a try would be my advice! 

Andy Macintosh - Naturally Light Equitation

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