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About Me

ESMT, Psychology BSc (Hons)

I am a horse obsessed human!


I fell in love with horses at a young age. I used to beg my parents to pull over to let me feed ponies on the side of the road, and book me in to any riding lesson going.

Finally, I pulled every string possible and got my very own pony at 15, called Reggie.

But the more I learned, the less knew; about training, caring, and understanding horses. Reggie was spirited, extroverted and playful, and I couldn’t find a way to communicate with him without leaving both of us frustrated and confused. The more ‘traditional’ techniques and advice I followed, the more our communication and relationship worsened.


But then everything changed...


 I started to study psychology at school, and realised that in order to transform the relationship with my horse, I first needed to understand it. And to do that, I had to understand myself and my horse.


From that point, I became obsessed with learning how the human & equine mind and body worked, and what made each being different. I also found Natural Horsemanship, which helped me form a language and communication with horses. The relationship with my pony blossomed and I finally had a partner that I could trust, understand, and wanted to be with me.


I went to university to study psychology, and continued to be with horses. I completed my placement year in Ghana, helping to train the Military's 'problem horses' using natural horsemanship. However, I kept experiencing barriers and blocks, that brought me back to the same place of frustration all those years ago.

The more I explored these blocks, the more I realised it wasn't the horses problem at all. It was mine. In order to overcome these challenges, I needed to work on myself. 


I was responsible for healing myself, so I could show up and help my horse do the same. 

This led me to the journey of self development, where I dived into working on moving through blocks in my own life and improving my mindset.

As I worked on myself, all of a sudden the blocks with the horses were non existent and I was creating relationships with them that were completely different!

In 2020 I wanted to complete the 'puzzle' and learn more about re-balancing the equine body, so I trained and qualified as an equine sports massage therapist. I became even more aware of the connection between a horse’s emotional and physical wellbeing, and was inspired to integrate it into a more holistic model of healing.

It is now my passion to bring this all together, to help support fellow equestrians on their own journey, guiding them to find answers within the relationship with themselves and their horse.


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Find out about sessions & programmes here!

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