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Reconnect with your wild

Reconnect with your wild, through the eyes of the horse

Restorative day 


Have you always wondered what being in the energy of an animal who is as powerful as they are gentle? 

Have you always wanted to rediscover the wild within you? That’s buried underneath all the noise, past, and stress? 

You are invited to a transformational day to do just that: Reconnect with your Wild: Through the eyes of the horse. 

You will press pause on your life, take yourself out of the stressful human world to enter the calm energy of two beautiful horses


Remind yourself who you are underneath pressures and labels of the human world
- Discover the power of your nervous system, energy, to bring forward to your relationships, work and life.

Horses are innately peaceful, present and healing animals. With the capacity to regulate your nervous system, heart rate, and bring you back to yourself without saying a word, they hold priceless lessons mirroring what you feel inside. This is why they are powerful bringers of inner change.

You will receive exactly what is right for you.

Join the ponies Jack & Paddy, myself (Equestrian Relationships Coach & Psychologist)  and Vicki Mitchell (Equine facilitated therapist) in a peaceful location, for a day of discovery with likeminded souls. We are ready to meet you, support you and lead you back to your wild. 

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